Summer lawn care

Romig’s Summer Lawn Care

Summer Lawn Care Summertime lets you enjoy the beautiful outside landscape while taking in the sun rays. At Romig’s Lawn and Landscaping, we spend plenty of time outside to create and maintain your healthy lawn, and healthy grass is extremely important. Pennsylvania summers require more than just watering and mowing your lawn weekly. For your…

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Madison Farms Hardscape Design

Hardscaping Design for Madison Farms and Bethlehem Homes.

Hardscaping the land around your Madison Farms Bethlehem property can improve the look and feel of your home’s structure and enhance your landscape. Having the Romig’s Lawn and Landscaping hardscaping design team create a custom layout for your Madison Farms property is a valuable addition to your home. Hardscaping provides structure and definition to the surrounding area…

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Bethlehem Landscaping

Enhancing your Bethlehem Pennsylvania Property.

With summer right around the corner it’s time for your Bethlehem home to surround it with wonderful landscaping ideas that will  add value, color, and texture to your beautiful Bethlehem property. Now’s the time to think about planting annuals and perennials to enhance the landscape around your home. Romig’s Lawn and Landscaping is available to…

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Landscaping Enhances Your Property Value

Your properties landscape is a very important part of your home that some people don’t think about. If your Bethlehem, Pennsylvania lawn and landscape is properly cared for it could save you from the dangers of excess water and increase the overall value of your home. There are some things you can do yourself that…

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Your Home Before and After

That old saying a photo is worth a thousand words come to mind, especially when working on landscaping jobs. It’s amazing how a few minor changes to your home landscape can make all the difference in the world. Our team takes pride in the little things that mean a lot like cutting the lawn, mulching,…

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Today’s Landscaping Tip – Creating the Natural Edge

Creating the natural edge enhances your landscape Romig’s Lawn and Landscaping can create a natural edge around plant’s, bushes and beds so hold off on purchasing those plastic or metal edging borders.. Natural Edging done right can enhance your landscapes look while improving design integrity. A landscapes natural edge makes it much easier to maintaine…

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Snow Removal Services

Romig’s Lawn and Landscaping snow removal service is equipment and ready to provide services to remove the snow. Snow removal services include but not limited to; driveway and parking area snow removal, walkway and deck handwork, and occasionally roof clearing. Our team use hand shovels, walk behind snowblowers (or snow throwers), truck plows, skid-steers, light-weight tractors, and heavy front-end…

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