Helping Madison Farms community with new Sod installation.

Need help with your Madison Farms new home law?

Romig’s Law and Landscaping can lay down new sod to enhance your brand new Madison Farms homes in Bethlehem PA. If there is one thing that enhances you’re beautiful new home it’s the rich green lawn around your home. Everyone loves thick brand new grass and we can help your home achieve that pristine desired look that should complete every new home.

Laying sod is a little bit more expensive than seeding but much more effective in giving your new Madison Farms property the look it deserves. Since the grass in new roll of sad is already established it makes cense to have a professional team install it to your new property.  Romig’s Lawn and Landscaping Sod should be irrigated immediately after its laid into place.

Once our team aerate’s the lawn so that water can penetrate deep into the ground you are ready to begin. Watering the new sod daily until the grass takes root is important than every other day, a deeper watering is necessary to ensure the soil beneath the turf is moist to depth. Since the Lehigh Valley climate varies depending on the time of year it is highly recommended to contact Romig’s Lawn and Landscaping for an estimate.