Romig’s Way to Water Lawn

Watering your lawn the right way will save you time and money

Everyone knows, water is essential to lawns. But too much or too little can harm your lawn and do some real damage to your grass. Did you know, running the sprinkler all night sets up the right conditions for various types of disease. Also note that frequent light watering causes the grass to grow poor shallow roots and sets your lawn up for trouble in hot weather.

Here are Romig’s easy pointers on the correct way to watering your lawn.

  • First of all feeding and mowing your grass set to high will make for less water needed.
  • Remember grass does not need a lot of water, it’s naturally designed to catch rain. 
  • Wait until your grass dulls in color or starts to wilt.
  • Always water early in the morning before the midday heat.
  • Sometimes your grass will brown and go dormant, no need to worry once you water it it will bounce back

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